How To Write Content For Affiliate Websites In 2020

Content is king in Affiliate Marketing. It is a good advertisement for a brand and an effective promotional tool.

Affiliate marketers can earn thousands of dollars by producing quality content. Creating content is the easiest way to take affiliate marketing to a new level. It is important to remember that content should be seeded on related websites and resources.

High-quality content is easy to understand for the audience. Writing product reviews will take your affiliate website to the next level.

It wouldn’t be enough to publish the article on the affiliate website. You need to work on SEO and add keywords. The keyword should always be relevant to the topic of your article. Don’t stick to one option. Try a few ones instead, but make sure that you don’t make your article spammed.

So let’s look at some important tips that can help you to Write Content For Affiliate Marketing Site and bring long term benefits. Assuming that you have chosen a domain and put up a website, now it’s time to start writing and publishing some content.

The Role Of Quality Content In Affiliate Marketing

80% of customers state that they research before they make a purchase, which influences their brand perceptions.

Content should be key to influencing the prospect to buy the product that you are promoting. After all, this is the only way you will make money.

Drive Traffic to Your Site

If the content seems too stuffed, too fluffy, with keywords or contravening of search engine content quality guidelines, there is a chance that the search engines will bury your content.

Convince Readers to Buy

Well-compelled content is an important part of affiliate marketing. If the content is great, the visitor will make an effort to read through your content and click through the promoted product link. So it is important to create affiliate content that has the potential to convert.

How To Write Content For Affiliate Websites

There is more to affiliate marketing than signing up to the affiliate program and promoting your affiliate link. If all this is that easy, then all affiliate would make money easily. But there are many things to do. It is about the content type you create and how well you promote.

Here are some tips on how to write content for your affiliate marketing sites that converts.

1. Think of Your Readers

It is essential to have some knowledge of customer personas before you start. It helps you to know what your audience wants before you even create your content. By doing this, your content will be more effective in encouraging them to buy.

2. Promote Products Based On Demand

If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer promote products that have demand. It doesn’t matter if you think that the products are excellent. If your audience to share the same sentiment, then it is useless.

Research for affiliate products! You can use Google Keyword Planner to see if there is any demand for it. Also, search for its variations of the name.

3. Stick to a Niche

Instead of reviewing random products that you like, it is best to stick to a niche. So if you review a printer, have a blog about printers. In this way, your site will be the go-to site for all product reviews in your niche.

Pro TipPro Tip

Did you know that sticking to a specific niche does miracles for SEO? If all your content is related to one topic, it increases the chances of getting ranked on the top positions of search engines pages.

4. Work with good content formats

When creating content for affiliate marketing, you may face tons of failures before you can succeed. But before you do that, you can do good by using proven content formats to raise the chances of success.

  • Content Structure

How do you write an article? Whether it is a product review, step-by-step tutorial, or a question & answer format, you should have a minimum of 1500 words. Break it down to its basics – an introduction, supporting paragraphs, a conclusion.

Feel free to break them into paragraphs to make them more readable on mobile (long paragraphs or walls of text are hard to read).

There are various creative article formats. Here’s a bunch I use:

  • Top 10 Product List Review
  • Single Product Review
  • Comparison between two products
  • Roundups
  • Tutorials & How To’s
  • Trending Topics

Content Ideas

Top 10 Product List Reviews

To promote your affiliate links, you can use top lists. These are lists that include the top 10 products in the niche. The good thing about top lists is that you get to tell your audience about your opinion on an array of products. As you mention multiple products, you’ve plenty of chance to promote different affiliate links.

For example, if your niche is printer, you can write on topics like:

  • Top 10 Best Printers For Home Use
  • How To Refill Printer Cartridge?
  • Inkjet vs Laser Printer – What’s the Difference?


While the video is effective, few audiences like to read. For them, a tutorial may work better. However, it is not enough to merely teach in an article. It is vital to write in as detail as possible and include screenshots. Try to write a tutorial that is able to demonstrate how a product works.

A tutorial is suggested for products in the business or self-development niche. It can create a general article like ‘How to Start Digital Marketing’ and it will have affiliate links to its courses or promote affiliate links of digital marketing tools.

Case Study

Case-study is more in-depth than a review. In this, you need to do more than describe the product. In this, there is an element of time. Use the product for a certain period of time and report the benefits and drawbacks.

For example, take a skincare product and start using on your skin. You will have to wait for weeks and months to see the effect. The same is true for digital products and courses. This implementation process then captured into a case study.

It works because it gives a more detailed review of the product. It shows how the product works overtime.

5. Design your website according to the niche

For this example, we will choose a Printer as a niche.

That will be our main focus for ranking, but overall the site will be focusing much “wider.”

Rather than limiting the future growth to “home printers or photograph printers,” we want to build an authority site that can be expanded further. This could be printers as an example, then the whole website is about printers.

Here is how your website will be set up:

Site Structure

You can pick 3 to 4 categories like Top 10 Best Printer Reviews, Single printer review, Printers Accessories reviews. I just made them up based on limited examples shown in the flowchart.

At the bottom, here come sub-categories, these will be relevant to the category. For example – Best Printers For Home Use, Best Photo Printers.

You will have a lot more pages than this, including information content.

Creating Review Page Content

The first content to start planning is the “review content”. This is the page that will make you money, and it is the content you will use to target those “best modifier” keywords you previously listed.

Here is how to structure the article:

  • Introduction

A 100 to 200 words introduction to the topic type or product and explain what your guide is about.

  • Comparison Table

If you are writing a review of Top 10 products, then must include a comparison table in the starting. It gives a good overview of the mentioned products. You can use plugins to create comparison tables.

  • Mini-reviews on each product

Write a 200-300 words review for each individual product. You can also add its pros and cons in points and highlight its features & specifications.

  • Buyer’s Guide

Include smaller subsections for what factors you need to consider when buying the product, e.g. speed (ppm), resolution, colour claims etc. What you should include in the buying guide, entirely depends on your topic or niche.

  • Additional Information

You can add additional content to increase the value and word count of the article.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Adding FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section in your post is an excellent way to promote visitor confidence and improve the conversion rate on your website.

  • Conclusion

Write another 100 to 200 words for wrapping up the article.

This structure will easily get you 3000+ words per article.

How To Do Product Research On Amazon

An affiliate site will work only if it contains articles about relevant products that you want to promote. Thus start brainstorming a topic to create a list of products to feature. Product research is all about to choose winning items that have great quality and value for money.

With your selected niche, you can now start using Amazon to research the right products for your article. The selected products should be 100% relevant to your niche, have good quality and be profitable.

Step 1: List Out Products

1) Look On Amazon

Amazon has various tools to help you list out products. Find the Amazon category that best matches your website niche. For example, if you are creating a site about Cycling essentials:

Navigate to the Electronics > Printer category to search for products.

Amazon Product Research

Use filters to match your selected topic as closely, such as inkjet printers or laser printers.

Then check what products have the highest rating by using the Sort By feature to filter by the average Amazon customer review.

Amazon Product Find

Also, browse Amazon Best Seller page for your topic. It couldn’t be easier to find what products people already love and are willing to buy.

2) Look At The Top Ranking Pages

Searching at Amazon is a good starting point, but with so many products, it can be confusing. Another good tactic is to look for common inclusions among top-ranking pages.

Top Pages

For example, the first three top results (on Google) for “Best Printers For Home Use In India” mention the Epson EcoTank L3150 Wi-Fi Printer as one of the best.

Step 2: Shortlist The Best 10

You must be thinking, why should you narrow down the list. After getting a long product list, it might be confusing, which are the best 10.

In listed products, maybe some products have cheap quality, no good customer reviews or excluded. So, for shortlisting the Best 10 Products keep these following factors in mind.

  • Excluded products
  • Product Availability
  • Rating of products less than 3.5
  • Bad reviews

Consider Product Price and Availability

Any product you select should have acceptable prices and be available to purchase most of the time. Some products are not sold by Amazon but through sellers. Products sold by sellers might run out of stock fast, so look for products that directly come from Amazon inventory.

If you want to make a good profit, must consider products prices that will benefit you too. Find a balance between affordable for the customer and profitable for you. A good way to do this is look up to the product price and the affiliate commission for your product category.

What are the excluded products?

Any product on a site linked to from an Amazon site (for example a product listed through Amazon’s “Product Ads” program or sold on a site linked to from a banner ad, sponsored link or other link displayed on Amazon Site.)

Any product that has been excluded by a third party seller or vendor.

The Anatomy of Perfect Post

It is a fact that any person would prefer to read a well-organised content that has a clear introductory part and main body. Create a perfect structure of the article and improve its readability. You should use special marks, lists, and bullets.

All the sentences and paragraphs should be short. You can divide the main body as much as you want, but do remember to connect the paragraphs and follow the hierarchy of the post.


Offering a detailed review or guide is excellent, but keeping the whole thing up-to-date is also important. Every few months, review your content to ensure it is still relevant. If necessary rewrite it to reflect any new development or change in products.


The quality of the article depends not only good grammar and spelling, but also on readability. The readability score shows how easy or difficult is it for your website visitors to understand. Furthermore, Search engine algorithms rank articles more favourably if you keep sentences short and use proper grammar and spelling.

Figure Out What People Care About

To create the best content, you first need to know what product attributes matter to buyers:

  • Look At Amazon Reviews

Look at the products you want to include in your post and check the reviews. You get a sense of the features that matter to buyers.

For example, looking at the review below, it is clear duplex printing, light-weight, paper tray, ink refilling, ppm (pages per minute), and easy to assemble are all important factors when choosing a printer.

Product Review

If you don’t fancy looking through each review, check the tags. Amazon extracts these from reviews, and they’re indicative of the things many customers care about.

  • Look At The Top Ranking Pages

Read a few of the top-ranking pages and look for common features.

Where I Get Images From - (Finding And Uploading Images)

An image can tell a story. Images contain metadata, that search engines can read, so there is a written content element to your visuals as well. They add interest to the page, demonstrating what you are talking about through product pictures, demonstrations and screenshots.

They add a visual element to the pages on your website. You should have an SEO’d title image, and you can add an image of each product you reviewed. Or you can add relevant images in buying guides that make content more cleared.

The most popular type of content you see on the web is free images. The free pictures can mean a lot of things, so be careful with what you use.

You can directly download product images from Amazon.

Amazon Image Download

The photos you find in Google are not free to use on the website. You can’t download and re-upload them to your affiliate website, even if you give attribution. If you want to use photos from Google, you have to search for specific types of photos using the advanced search feature.

Image Search On Google

Another frustrating thing to get used to is that “free stock photos” are not free of charge. They are “royalty-free” that means you will have to pay a one-time fee to obtain the rights to use the image.

There are many free platforms like Pexels, Pixabay, Flickr etc. It is fine to use images from these sites, be sure to use the proper attribution.

Implement SEO In Content Creation

It will not be enough to publish the article on the affiliate website, implement SEO to attract more traffic to your post. Here is a quick guide that will help you create a strategy for promoting your content in search engines:

Implement Search Engine Optimization

Choose the right keywords

The keywords should be relevant to the topic of your article. Don’t stick to only one variant; try certain keywords. However, make sure that you don’t make your article too spammy.

Defining perfect lengths of the post and quality content.

The perfect length for articles is about 3000-4000 words. And the key to improving traffic to your website is perfect content. Without good and detailed content, your affiliate links and promotions will not generate enough benefits.

If you don’t have enough time to create content, use the help of a freelance writer. A professional content writer will help you create great content.

Mobile Optimization

Your website needs to be mobile-friendly because more than half of all global web traffic comes from a mobile device. Google gives priority to mobile page load speed as a key metric.

On-page Optimization

On-page optimization helps search engines understand your site and its content. Also, they identify whether it is relevant to a searcher’s query.

Add keywords to the meta tags of this page. The Title, H1, Description, Alt texts, should contain keywords so that your post ranks high.

Determine The Frequency Of Posting

The frequency of posting is important for creating an authoritative affiliate marketing site. The excellent website has many pages of high-grade content. Of course, that content cannot be written over a few days.

Still, with the help of regular publishing, you will be able to increase the amount of information available gradually.

Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Affiliate Articles

Too Many Advertising Materials

Don’t overload your article with too many ads. Make sure that the way you use advertising material, like product links, widgets, and banners, isn’t too intrusive.

Don’t List Prices

Listing the price of the item you are promoting, can get you banned from Amazon. Not listing the price is a great way to get users clicking your links if your content is engaging enough visitors will jump over to Amazon to view the price, increasing the likelihood of you making a sale.

No Labeling

Affiliate link or any advertising type must be labelled explicitly.


Add the Amazon affiliate disclosure to your site. Check Amazon’s terms to see what you require to do for this and also include it on the ‘Privacy Policy’ or ‘Terms and conditions’ page on your site.

Time to Write High Conversion Affiliate Marketing Content

Amazon affiliate marketing has the potential to help both marketers and brand make a lucrative living. Following these steps and tips, using the right tools can help associates create stellar affiliate content that converts.

So what are you waiting for? Give the above steps and tricks a try and see the phenomenal results for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Happens To The Affiliate Link If The Product No Longer Exists?

If the product no longer exists, two things could happen: either it will be displayed that the product can no longer be delivered or clicking a link will lead to an error page.

So regularly check all the product affiliate links. If the product is temporarily unavailable, there is non need to change the affiliate link. However, if the product remains unavailable for long, it is essential to search for an alternative.

2. How To Content Amazon Associates For Questions and Problems?

Click on “contact us” located in the top right corner in Associate Central and complete the form.

3. Can I Use The Amazon Affiliate Program on more than one of my websites?

Yes, you can use the Amazon Affiliate program on several of your websites. It is good to set up a tracking ID for each of your sites to see which of your website generates what part.

4. Text Links or Widgets – Which of the two should I use?

It depends on how you plan to use them.

Text links have the benefit of not looking like commercials, that attracts more clicks. A text link doesn’t include a picture of the product and doesn’t reveal any further information about the product.

On the other side widgets, allow adding a variety of information, like a product image, price and more. They load information dynamically, so a change in price would immediately be adopted in the widget.



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